It’s a well-known fact that consumers are shifting their spending to support “green” businesses. Going “green” is a practical and powerful way to save money while conserving valuable resources and attracting environmentally conscientious consumers. By using our business answering services to support your business, you can take part in being environmentally responsible while still receiving the level of service that you would expect from a professional answering service. Our agents handle your calls as if they were an actual extension of your office. Your customers are greeted by a polite and helpful agent and you will receive detailed and accurate messages in a expeditious manner. Our services include messaging, reservations, order taking, technical support and customer care services. We provide free toll-free access from anywhere in the United States. We never charge for outgoing calls, alpha paging or e-mails. You never pay extra for nights, weekends or holidays and we provide free voice logging, free message archiving and free custom announcements. Use an answering service that is friendly to your customers and the environment.

Green Answering Services are Environmentally Conscientious

From cutting consumption of valuable resources to utilizing cutting-edge energy conservation techniques, we’re dedicated to “doing our part” to preserve resources and protect our planet. We strive to incorporate “green” methodology into all our business practices and we encourage you to take advantage of this revolutionary new way of doing business by taking advantage of our “go green” telephone answering services. Support green businesses and help build a green economy. Our statistics show that we are among the best in our industry. Offer your customers the level of support they expect and deserve from a company that cares about preserving our natural resources and leaving future generations with a better, cleaner and more livable planet. Contact us today for a quote or for more information.

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