Partnering with Green Telephone Answering Service not only saves your business money as well as office space, but also helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Our green answering service helps your business go green through our virtual answering service support and solutions. Utilizing your business through our call center means you don`t have to hire and train your own answering service receptionists, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Helping Your Business Go Green…

Paperless Billing: Receive bills online reducing paper and saving trees. Use our auto-pay green technology to save you from writing checks – no paper and pens, or pencils are not needed. Electronic Message Transmission: No more wasted paper sending your messages and invoices over fax. Our answering service can manage tall message transmissions successfully over the internet to your email or client web access using our green software systems. Internet Software Technology: Everything can be done online making you as paperless as you want, check updates to your messages, calls, and check your minute usage and other information online. Virtual Receptionist: working and interacting from different locations without any commuting to one place of work. Outsourcing: go green working in your own office utilizing our answering service solutions. Our answering service works with you to satisfying your business` goals managing your custom requirements. Nationwide and Worldwide Access: Provide your service on a worldwid level without expending answering service offices wherever your presence.

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